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Match Phrases

Match phrases in Lyris ListManager™ permit several kinds of security restrictions to be placed on postings (i.e. reject all messages with the word Fire Sale in the message body). You can place match phrases anywhere in your message, such as the message body, the header, Subject Line and From address to trigger an action. For example, you can use a match phrase to refuse a message if a particular text either does or does not appear in a specific place.

Please note that common phrases like “on vacation” and “out of the office” are blocked by default.

Match Phrases allows you to:

  • Reject all messages that do not have some secret phrase in them.
  • Create multiple match phrases to add several layers of checks.
  • Obtain a rejected document back, so you can inform the attempted sender that their message was refused.
  • Receive notification when a match phrase is triggered.
  • Use in an auto-responder (i.e. a price list on an auto-responder that requires a password to get it. If the password is not in the email message, the match phrase triggers and sends a refusal message. If the password is present, the match phrase does not trigger and the price list is sent.)
  • Utilize match phrases to disable Lyris ListManager™ server commands (i.e. disallow the review command).
  • Only allow posting from specific domains.

For example, your list is a company list and you only would like emails that have your company domain in the email. You could then create a match phase so that people whose email addresses have the "@yourcompany.com" in the "From" address are only allowed through to post to your company list. All others would be blocked.

  Create a match phrase:

Log in to Lyris ListManager and go to Utilites: Automated Messages-Match Phrases.

In the “Match Phrases” window on the top right, click the "Create New Match Phrase".

New Match Phrase:

Under the "Essentials" tab in the new match phrase window type in the search phrases you need Lyris ListManager to search for. You can select yes or no for "Reject Message".

New Match Phrase Advanced Tab:

Under the "Advanced" tab you can select the rule action you would like for the current match phrase.

You can add additional email addresses that would be notified. The current list will show for "Applies To". The same for "Admin Access Level" the current list will be displayed.

For Programmers:

If you are a programmer this setting allows you to extend the match phrase command processing with your own program.


For Additional Help:

For detailed information on using and creating Match Phrases, click on the "?" in any screen under the Match Phrase window.




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