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   Create an Email Coupon

To create an email coupon first log into your Lyris ListManager™ admin account. Go to "Content -New Content".


In the new content window under the “Essentials” tab name the content, give it a description and a subject.


Below is the HTML code for a Coupon newsletter template. Highlight and copy the HTML code, it will automatically go to your computer clipboard.

In your Lyris ListManager™ for new content click on the “HTML Message” tab, now click on the icon for “Source”.  Remove any code that appears and leave the area blank. You will now paste the copied HTML Coupon code into the blank content area.

The HTML code should now appear in the content area.

Click the “Source” icon and you will now be able to see the coupon.

The sample image in the coupon can be replaced by using one from your Library or by uploading a new photo to your “Image Library”. If you do not need an image, simply delete what’s there.

The coupon was designed using a light gray, but this color can be change at any time. To change the gray to a different color is reasonably simple. Click on the “Source” icon, this will bring up the HTML code, now you can edit the RGB color code as shown below. To locate the RGB color codes go to http://htmlhelp.com/cgi-bin/color.cgi. The areas that have the color code of #ffffff represent the white areas.

Adding a Click through URL for tracking
If you like to track any URL's in your coupon you can set them by placing your cursor in the area for the URL link, then click on the "Insert URL" button.


In the "Insert URL" window type in the website name or a coupon name. Type in the website address, then click on "Insert".


Once you clicked on insert you will be taken back to your coupon. You will see the name you typed in for the clickable text and it will be linked to the destination URL you put in. You will be able to view the tracking information under "Reports" in your Lyris ListManager™ Admin


Personalizing the coupon with Mail Merge Short Tags
Your coupon can be personalized so when your subscriber receives it in their email it will display their name. Below are a couple short tags you can use.

To display the list name you can use:


To display the first name of your subscriber you can use:


If the member does not have a full name, their email address is used instead.




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