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Resale Lists and Virtual Services

Virtual list hosting solutions for Agency and Resellers
 Non-profit Organization & Personal accounts.

Bring value added services to your customers in an environment where you control your costs:
Pay for what you use, not by the number of lists or list members.

Value added services for your customers as a:
  • Web Developer, Web Designer or Web Hosting Company: Offer exemplary list hosting services under your own domain name and IP address, without the added cost of in-house IT expenses.
  • Marketing Company or Advertising Agency: Manage all your email campains for all clients from one location.
  • Email List Hosting Reseller: Offer your customers a reliable, fast, technologically advanced email list hosting solution, with Dundee Internet Email List Services. Set your own custom prices for a greater ROI by eliminating the cost of licensing and learning additional software.
Multi-list management service for:
  • A marketing firm overseeing many product lines, companies or websites needing individual list solutions under one umbrella.
  • Non-profit agencies looking for a one-stop solution in list management for several departments, services and branch organizations.

When you order a Dundee Internet Services Virtual List Hosting Package*

You can:

  • Create as many mailing lists as needed with no set-up fees or any involvement with Dundee server administrators.
  • Run your mailing lists virtually, with no visible connection to Dundee Internet Services. It will appear to everyone that
    you have your own dedicated Lyris
  • Create and use your own list brand name.
  • Re-sell your list services to others.
  • Have all the Lyris features at your fingertips.

Commercial Virtual List Hosting Package plans start at $150 a month.
Each plan includes unlimited sending with a set amount of included Monthly Message Units.

Virtual List Hosting for Non Profit and Personal Accounts
$75 monthly
$50 one time setup fee
Unlimited list creation at your fingertips: includes 10 lists, with additional lists billed at $5 a month.
Messages are billed at $0.75 per 1,000 based on 20K message unit size*
Features based on Dundee Diamond Plan

email info@dundee.net with your pricing questions.

Order Resale-Virtual List Hosting Package

*Conditions of Use: Dundee Internet Services does not condone the use of unsolicited commercial e-mail (aka UCE or Spam) as a legitimate means of marketing communication and subsequently does not authorize the use of our Lyris List Servers for the transmission of UCE. In addition, all lists MUST be run as confirmed opt-in (aka double opt-in) for new subscribers. In other words, if you plan on sending UCE or do not intend on using confirmed opt-in for new subscribers, don't even bother to contact us.

**Monthly Message Fee: The monthly message volume fee is actual message units sent over the message units that are included with your selected Service Type. These prices are based on a message unit size of 10k (Pro) or 20K (Virtual). If you are planning to send larger messages these prices do not apply. Messages larger than 10k(Pro) or 20K (Virtual) are calculated in increments of 1k, i.e., we do not round up to the next 10k level. You are only charged for the exact size of your messages (that are larger than your included message unit size) that are processed for distribution to your mailing list. For example, on the Pro Plan, if you sent a message that is 12k in size, you would be charged for 1.2 message units..


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