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Email Advisor

EmailAdvisor improves your email marketing, e-zine and announcement deliverability; supporting most email distribution systems.

The EmailAdvisor™ lets you Dundee EMail with confidence using regular intelligent delivery testing. Identify delivery problems before they become your problem. Identify additional opportunities you may never have considered.

See the appearance of your message in every email client on the market today, before mailing.
• Correct HTML formatting problems
• Verify your spelling
• Automatically validate your hyperlinks and HTML code

Monitor the bigger ISP’s (AOL, Yahoo and more!) for email server problems so you can send your mailings when their problems are resolved.
Postpone mailings to domains with current email handling issues.

In real time view how the major 40 ISP's are processing your message as it’s being sent – is your email being blocked or filtered?
• Tests over 175 different blacklist organizations
• Test all domains referenced in your message, including your third-party advertisers or associated linked sites in your message

Join other list owners who agree: “We receive better mailing responses” using EmailAdvisor™.

How it works: The EmailAdvisor™ employs “audit addresses” to report on real time email campaigns you are currently using. The system dissects the HTML message sent, and then evaluates the message on different criteria levels. There are a total of five different components it looks at. When you’re testing a message or sending out a live mailing the EmailAdvisor™ generates a compatibility and delivery success report.

Inbox Snapshot: In a matter of minutes (less than 10) you will receive a report that shows you how your HTML email looks in more than 52 different email clients. This report includes a spell check, link and HTML validation and a view of how your message appears both the "preview" and full reading panes.

Delivery Monitor: This report takes the wonder out of your email message. You will receive real time feedback from the recipient end of the message with a report showing what happens to your messages once it reaches your subscriber; is the message getting through or is it routed to "bulk" mail folders, (most likely individual SPAM filters in which case it’s likely your message is being deleted.) The report may indicate other issues that you may have been unaware of; allowing you to pause your mail and resolve them.

Content Analyzer: This report analyzes your message against 30 plus spam filters. Employing a scoring system (as most SPAM filters do) the Content Analyzer scores your message for keywords and other attributes that are typically associated with SPAM. This gives you an opportunity to change your wording and links, to assure better deliverability of your message.

Blacklist Monitor: This report is complied by checking close to 175 different SPAM reporting organizations (such as SPAMCOP), informing you if any of the referenced domains in your email (including the sending domain and links to other domains in the content of your message) have been reported as SPAM, hence the possibility of being blacklisted which may effect your delivery success.

ISP Monitor: Delivery issues outside of your control are complied in this report. EmailAdvisor’s ISP monitor evaluates 30 different major ISP’s (i.e. AOL) and reports real time information about their mail server status. You will know when one of these monitored ISP’s are having email receiving problems, such as downed mail servers or other technical issues. You will be able to evaluate these ISP’s email handling status at any time, before you mail.

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EmailAdvisor is a trademarked name for Lyris Technologies, Inc.


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