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Excerpts from the ListManger user guide.

Mailings: Test Mailing using ListManager

When you test a mailing, the ListManager
creates the message for a random recipient from your list (i.e. Dear John), and then redirects the message to be mailed to the test recipient – the person testing the message, such as yourself. It is done this way so you can see exactly what the mailing will look like for your recipients before you send out your campaign. Testing a mailing is especially important if you are using conditional content, scripting, or any special formatting.

If you or others in your organization have difficulty receiving messages addressed to someone else, you may change the ListManager
settings to allow this by going to:

Server: Server Settings:
Advanced: Enable Features:
Use Real Recipient Address When Merging Test Messages to "yes."

Testing Fields and other Setting

The name of the mailing you're testing.

The subject of the mailing you're testing.

Send Test To:
The email address(es) where the test messages should be sent. By default, your email address is here, but you can send these test messages to any email address. To send your test message to multiple email addresses use a comma as shown in this example.

bob@example.com, jane@example.com 

Test Sample Size:
The number of sample messages you'd like to receive. If you select 10, you will receive ten separate messages, if you select 1, you will receive one message, all addressed to random recipients in your list(s) or subsets of your list(s), and with the test message being redirected to you so you can see what the message would look like to them.

Perform Spam Analysis:
If desired, ListManager
can analyze your message for SPAM triggers. Your message will be subjected to a number of tests and assigned a score; the lower the score, the less likely your message will be filtered as spam.

If your message fails a particular spam-detection test, it will be assigned a certain number of points. After all of the tests are complete, your points are summed and presented as a total score. Lower scores are better—they indicate that your message has fewer traits common to junk mail. Ideally, you want to get your message close to 0 points.

If you subscribe to EmailAdvisor
, you may opt to audit your mailing as part of a test before sending it. You may additionally opt to use the EmailAdvisor service when creating your mailing so that it is audited when it is sent to your list or segment. Dundee Internet Services offers EmailAdvisor as a separate product. Email info@dundee.net for more information.

Steps for Testing Mailings

1. After creating a mailing, click SAVE and TEST, or SAVE the MAILING, and then in the left Navigation bar, choose Mailings > Approval > Need Approval.

2. Click the Test command for the mailing you want to test and verify your information is correct.

• The SEND TEST TO box should contain the email address to receive the test, comma separated if more than one email address is used.
• Specify the number of test messages to send in the TEST SAMPLE SIZE.
• For spam analysis on the message, select yes next to PERFORM SPAM ANALYSIS. Please note the results of this analysis will be emailed to you.

Split Test: You can create different versions of your message; test them on small random subsets of your mailing list to compare the results to see which message is more effective. This testing is referred to as "split-testing". Split-testing eliminates demographic or action-based bias that could alter your results. Once you determine which message yields the best results, you can send it to the rest of your list.

Note: Split testing is a feature of Dundee Diamond offering ListManager
Enterprise, and is unavailable for the standard packages. Contact Dundee Internet Services at sales@dundee.net  if you would like to upgrade to Dundee Diamond. Documentation for SPLIT-TESTING and other features using ListManager include a User's Manual, API Guide and an Interface Changes document. For additional documentation, please review “HELP” located on the ListManager
API dashboard hosted by Dundee Internet Services, Inc.


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