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 "What can I say about Dundee Internet Services list hosting?  I have found
Dundee's support and pricing to be quite exemplary"
Author of Poor Richard's E-mail publishing.



How do I make people want to join my list?

To entice list subscribers, you can offer a free report or other information relative to your web site's content.

Additional information on ideas to get new list subscribers.

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Email Marketing and Social Media

Micro blogging on Social Media sites can help get your newsletter content out among many viewers and in the process you may receive new subscribers.

New in Lyris:

You can now include one or more links to a social network site in your email.

When your subscriber receives your email and wishes to share it with their network they can click the appropriate link, go to the site, and share your newsletter email.

There are many free social media sites out there to join, by joining these sites you may get more people to visit your website and sign up for your newsletter.

To start benefiting from these free social sites, we recommend you signing up and creating a profile on Twitter, FaceBook and Linkedin. Continue to post fresh content with links to your website for your ListManager subscribe box on the social media sites. Soon you will have your own network of people all over promoting your email list.


A free social messaging that allows 140 words for micro blogging.


Helps you connect and share with the people in your life.


Extends your existing professional network.







 Read more here on how to add social media links to your Lyris ListManager email newsletter.


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