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Dundee Internet Services is a full featured experienced Email Service Provider offering a range of email list hosting solutions from enterprise level marketing to email post card greetings.

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Customer Comments

What can I say about Dundee Internet Services, "I am now able to see which customers are opening their emails, and see how quickly they are opening the mails. Since using your service, my sales for December over last December are almost three fold (actually 299.07% thru today- and we still have another few days to go for the month!Ē

Wally, Blue Ribbon Inc.


If I require my e-zine to mirror my website design and color, but the available templates donít match what can I do?

Dundee Internet offers a template creation service. You can work with us to design a customized template with the look and feel you desire for your e-zine. Alternatively, you can have your web designer do the same thing.
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 Happy Holidays from The Dundee Edition

"We wish you a prosperous New Year"

   Experience greater email campaign success in 2011 with The Dundee Edition
email list quick tips!

5 easy ways to improve Email
Marketing Deliverability

  1. Maximize your list quality
  2. Know and work with your ISP
  3. Be Consistent in your mailings
  4. Build up your Senders Reputation
  5. Follow recognized Email Practice
6 Quick Tips to Mail Effectively using
Email Newsletters

  1. Never Spam
  2. Keep it interesting
  3. Offer links of interest
  4. Highlight you successes
  5. Make clear what you're asking for
  6. Write copy to fit the medium you're using
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